The People Behind the Tech @ Cliqz

The People Behind the Tech @ Cliqz

"For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been."—John Greenleaf Whittier

Following the announcement that the Cliqz story is over, we felt that bringing a sense of closure with a last article on the tech blog was in order.

One of the reasons we started this blog in the first place was to document the work we did at Cliqz over the last years. Dissemination and knowledge sharing was of course the main motivation. But we also wanted to leave a testimonial of the motivation and history of Cliqz. Our learnings, we hoped, could serve to inspire others to follow similar steps and show how building independent and private-by-design technologies was possible—we do not pretend this is the only way, but it was our way.

At the time, the final post of the advent was meant to be a farewell post, because we were not sure how long Cliqz could keep going. However, our investors—benefactors would be more accurate—convinced us to continue, against all odds. The situation has, however, changed again. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, economic recession and ever switching political landscape has hit the last nail on Cliqz’s coffin.

Because there can be no tech without the people, we want this last post to be about everyone who contributed to the Cliqz story over the years. Without the work of many talented and passionate people from all over the world—more than 30 countries—nothing you read on this blog would exist. We are sad that the dream of Cliqz is done for, but even sadder that such an amazing team is disbanded. It was a pleasure working with you all. If you have the chance, hire any of those, you will not regret it. If we missed someone—for alumni it is tricky to get the names out because of GDPR—please do get in touch.

We have prepared a page where you can find contacts for most of the people who contributed to Cliqz over the years, check it out. If you are feeling nostalgic and just want to remember the good ol’ days, look below.

The People Behind the Tech @ Cliqz
Diana Sandu
Raphael Brand
Elisa Kayser
Sebastian Dziadzio
Benjamin Dove
Eva Reichel
Marty Henderson
Oleksandra Karpovych
Michael Apozyan
Björn Greif
Stephanie Gerth
Sarah Hyder
Mohamed Ezz
Sharath Ganesh Pai
Julie Schnyder
Victoria Gassmann
Stefano Pacifici
Gabor Maylander
Naomi Simbola
Thomas Konrad
Jörg Haller
Yu Sun
Mai Vinh Tuong
Krzysztof Modras
Anton Baumann
Tamara Merkulova
Sofia Knauer
Hendrik Muhs
Richard Weber
Dr. Theary A. Chhim
Philipp Claßen
Oleg Parashchenko
Kerem Kat
Quirin Rothmeier
Sriharsha Chillara
Dmitri Melnikov
Abhijeet Dhumal
Dr. Humera Noor Minhas
Dima Medvedev
Prashant Kumar
Stephanie Mitterer
Arjaldo Karaj
Sebastian Teichmann
Giulia Paggetti
Tina Kuo
Paula Santamaria Berger
Erik Larsson
Devon Medlin
Panagiota Mitsopoulou
Vale Querini
Mickaël Grima
Teresa Noll
Alexei Sidelnikov
Goran Narancic
Ramakant Agrawal
Kiiza Joseph Bazaare
Christian Brommer
Subu Sathyanarayana
Andrey Mukomolov
Marta Sieroslawska
Jessica Kimmel
Viktor Nebehaj
Stefanie Mainwaring
Mareike Wenner
Vivek Dhiman
Dragan Cvetinovic
Mohtadi Ben Fraj
Dhananjay Balan
Daniele Broccolo
Alexander Komarnitskiy
Andrey Danilov
Corina Weil
Rahul Dé
Alex Catarineu
Amit Verma
Javier Paredes López
Faheem Nadeem
Saloua Litayem
Sam Macbeth
Mareike Klauß
Jan Hubert Sieroslawski
Tobias Kalsbach
Artem Fedosov
Khoa Nguyen
Mahmoud Adam
Konstantin Bakulin
Tomas Pllaha
Samaa Kanani
Pia Klancar
Khaled Tantawy
Josep M. Pujol
Dasha Melentieva
Tanja Kuper
Moaz Rashad
Alexandra Konrad
Giulia Carlevaro-Jarnach
Corinna Breuer
Vladimir Zhuravlev
Diana Dybok
Roberto Bernardis
Corina Cristal
Saqib Razaq
Rémi Berson
Harry Belinga
Eleni Siakagianni
Agustin Perez Paladini
Ankit Bahuguna
Marc Al-Hames
Heeren Sharma
Jean-Paul Schmetz
Agnes Ferenczi
Narek Gharibyan
Thomas Schroeter
Erchis Ariunjargal
Konark Modi
Ilaria Schininà
Daniel Jilg
Salvador Salazar
Daniela Michahelles
Tamoor Ahmad
Naira Sahakyan
Lukas Küpper
Kateryna Vasylenko
Fabian Müller
Valentina Burrafato
Nhung Vu
Trishul Goel
Lucian Corlaciu
Max Breev
Jonas Paulgerg-Nyrén
Jayesh Solanki
Sophie Klodt
Aleksei Sidorov
Ahmed Mansy
Alina Hang
Ines Riedl
Zhonghao Yu
Tim Palade
Muhjidin Musinbegovic
Dominik Schmidt
Laura Pisano
Aline Boos
Lena Sanjuanelo Garcia
Zareen Kazim
Michel Tucker
Karsten Balogh
Stiv Sherko
Lisa Laub
Vladyslav Prytula
Thúy N Trần
Thomas Wiest
Evgeny Labzin